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“Books are the training weights of the mind” – Epictetus

Do you wish your children to succeed in life?

Also, do you know that 67% of all Grade 4 students cannot read at a proficient level!

In fact, of that 67%, 33% just read at a BASIC level. As for the remaining 34%, they CANNOT even achieve the reading abilities of the lowest elementary level!

Indeed, children benefit in multiple ways from early learning skills, and in particular good reading routines.

In addition, not only does reading in the early years support kindergarten readiness, but early literacy builds a solid foundation for future academic success and overall achievement.

Imaginative land of books by Carole St-Laurent

It goes without saying that children must be presented with good quality books for their minds to develop on several levels.

Mainly, that is why author Carole St-Laurent dedicates herself to writing excellent quality children’s books.

Namely books…

  • That ignite kid’s imagination and fire-up their reading skills.
  • Which supercharges a child’s imagination and captivates them with amusing stories.
  • That are brilliantly well-crafted and filled with stunning and whimsical illustrations.
  • And last but not least, books that teach toddlers and older children to respect one another, to believe in themselves, as well as being open-minded, kind and generous.

Rest assured, your children will spend a great deal of time enjoying the books by Carole St-Laurent.

Furthermore, come bedtime you will adore some of the big print picture books as they will make it much easier to read.

Likewise, the illustrations are so unique, precious and heartfelt that children usually find themselves captivated by the enchanted images. As a result, they pause long after the words are read to absorb the beauty and details.

A gentle reminder

Finally, the stories are not only intended for the children’s happiness and pleasure in mind, they are also crafted in a way that even adults will get a kick out of them.

In a word, parents just might be reminded of some important lesson they have themselves forgotten to put into practice.

To resume, you can rest assured that your family’s library is not complete without these gems.

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