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I’ve always been someone who enjoyed writing. I would lay in bed sometimes just writing stories in exercise books and stow them away in a drawer. I had dozens of them when I got married and moved out of my parents home. Most of them got tossed but there were a few that I couldn’t and shoved them into a trunk.

After my second child was born I pulled them out and reread them I laughed a lot because some of it was just corny but it did inspire me to write again. Not that I’d really stopped I just didn’t write them down as often. So I wrote several stories over a few years and again I tucked them away for my eyes only.

About four years ago we were clearing out our basement and my daughter found a box with all those stories in them. She was nineteen and I didn’t know she’d found them. She read a one and came running out of her room with such a confused look on her face.

She said: “Mom, why is this not published?”

Again, I didn’t know she’d found them and looked at her with complete confusion. “What are you talking about?” I said as she shoved it at me.

Now you have to understand, I never let anyone read my writing and was completely embarrassed when I realized what it was. (You know nobody wants their child to read sex scenes written by themselves.)

My response when I realized what it was. “Because… where did you find that?”

My daughter rolls her eyes. “Mom, this is good. Why didn’t you ever tell me you wrote this?”

Why didn’t I ever tell anyone? Mainly because I believed people would laugh and tell me I was crazy or it sucked. It was never my intention for anyone to read it. The writing was something I did for myself as a form of therapy I guess.  So what do I do now that she’s read it and telling me it’s good.

I was an avid reader and reached out to a couple of authors who were favourites of mine. I was surprised at how friendly and helpful they were. I was also shocked to hear that a lot of authors self-publish these days. My daughter pushed me to do research and try. So with the support of my kids, my husband and the rest of my family and friends, I updated the first story so it didn’t look like it had been written more than ten years earlier and took the plunge.

On February 20, 2016, almost a year after my daughter found the story and six months after I became a grandmother, I released my first book, Dangerous Therapy. More than two years later I’m working on my seventh book to be released in June. It’s been a crazy and fulfilling ride so far. I’ve met so many people both online and in person from the community who have become both mentors and friends.

My story shows that it’s never too late to fulfil a dream you didn’t even know you had. I hope you enjoy my story and don’t hesitate to contact me. Always remember to stay Romantic and much Love.

Thank you so much

Rhonda Brewer


Romantic Suspense

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