The Magic Mirror: A Lesson in Self-Love

Self-love is crucial for ones personal development and overall happiness in life.

When someone doesn’t have self-love, it also makes it very hard for others to love that person.

Thus creating a vicious circle of low self-esteem.

To find joy in life, a person must learn to appreciate themselves for all the qualities that they possess.

Unfortunately, some are born with very low self-esteem and therefore need some help in seeing themselves for what they really are: which is precious and valuable.


If a child with low self-esteem grows up with the feeling of worthlessness because of his lack of support and love coming from it’s surrounding, then often times this child will grow up to be a very unhappy adult.

It is primordial to help a child know of his self-worth so that he can in turn love himself and grow into a confident, happy and successful adult.

The magic mirror:

An insecure, timid and joyless ostrich goes through life with its head in the sand to avoid the pain of reality.

She lacks confidence and self-love until the day she comes upon a magic mirror and discovers her true self.

Short story

kids books ages 6-8

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Short story for children who have difficulties with self-confidence. Get it now at
Short story for children who have difficulties with self-confidence. Get it now at
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The Magic Mirror: A Lesson in Self-Love
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